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.:. Welcome to Cazimi Healing .:.

We all need support at times.

I would be honored to support you in reconnecting to your innate widsom through

plant + earth based medicines and healing practices.


* Benefit from a healing justice, trauma-informed, spirit-centered approach to healing.

*Get to the root of your health concerns with support, guidance and gentle accountability that fits your needs.

* Have more trust and direction in your life. Build energy reserves and increase resiliency.

*Develop a more intentional, joyful and sustained approach to life and its challenges.

* Contribute more to the causes you care about, including your-Self.

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After each session I walked away inspired and motivated to plant herbs in my garden and make my own remedies.

"I was completely new to herbal medicine, and Ricky’s course was like a crash course in herbs and their many uses, how our physical and mental bodies function, how to make herbal teas, tinctures and syrups. After each session I walked away inspired and motivated to plant herbs in my garden and make my own remedies. I have a much deeper appreciation for plants and their many benefits to humans. I admire Ricky’s mindfulness of culture, history and appropriation; her role as both teacher and forever student of this world. She is realistic, holistic and fantastic!"

Laxmi Hummel

Assistant Director, Student Action with Farmworkers

Life-changing! I gained skills that have allowed me to take control of my health.

"Ricky’s herbal medicine course was life-changing for me. As a person who knew little about herbal medicine, I was a bit nervous that I’d be surrounded by classmates who knew far more than I did. Ricky’s created a safe and friendly atmosphere for learners at every stage. Each class included an open lecture style session where we learned about the plants and their relationship to our human physiology, as well as an opportunity to apply our learning in the kitchen. From making elderberry syrup to bitters and other tinctures, I moved from simply being curious about herbal medicine to incorporating it into my lifestyle. I gained skills that have allowed me to take control of my health and I developed a deep love for plants and the power that they have to heal!"

Kia Baker

Kia E. Baker
Executive Director, Southeast Raleigh Promise