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Set up an appointment for a general holistic health consultation, where we will explore together what combination of healing modalities is right for you. You can also request a specific service if you know what you are called toward.

As a new client, I ask that you download and email me a new client questionnaire prior to our first session. (I can also mail you a hard copy if that works better for you). This comprehensive questionnaire will gather information about your physical and emotional health history and general lifestyle. Your answers to these questions will help me understand more about you and your individual needs.


Initial holistic health consultations will take place in person prior to virtual or phone consults, unless not possible due to location or health condition. Our first session will generally last 45 minutes to one hour. During this time, I’ll record further details of your personal history and health concerns and anything else that comes up. We’ll conclude our session with suggestions for herbal, spiritual and/or lifestyle recommendations* and together, we’ll come up with a plan addressing your specific needs using the approaches to healing that feel most exciting and comfortable for you from my list of offerings.

Follow-up appointments typically take place 3 weeks to 1 month after our initial consultation. This 30-45 minute session will address your progress, check-in about any “homework”, as well as dosage or ingredient adjustments to herbal formulas (if applicable) and/or the need for additional appointments. I also invite unlimited email questions/queries in-between appointments at no additional charge.

*Please note that as an herbalist, by law, I am NOT able to diagnose and prescribe medication, but can make suggestions and recommendations.


Working together can take many forms. Here are some common goals I infuse into my practice for all clients:

  • Development of new personal rhythms, cycles, and health practices
  • Deepened awareness of Self
  • Increased connection and appreciation for nature and the green world that sustains us
  • Understanding your unique spirit and the gifts that make you who you are
  • Offering your physical body potions and elixirs to support its best possible function for chronic conditions and/or general preventive healthcare
  • Creation of rituals and reflection spaces that nurture your soul
  • A shift in your relationship to food and nutrition

Expect that I will bring:

  • Active Listening to you and to my own intuition to create space for what needs to rise to the surface
  • judgement-free zone where you can express your truth and experiences freely
  • Acknowledgement of my own privileges and the complexities of our identities, experiences, histories, and the present moment during each session
  • Awareness that each exchange is mutually beneficial and healing, including for our ancestral lineage and futures
  • The intention to hold space for Self-determination where you, the client, ultimately decide when and where healing begins

Appointments for services take place in person at Radical Healing in Durham, NC, or by phone or Skype/Google hangout. Home visits may be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

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