Cazimi Healing Summer Solstice Relaunch!

by | Jun 21, 2018 | General

There is so much terror, pain and harmful energy out there in the world that creates and fuels rage, causes us to withdraw and shrink down, causes us to feel helpless and depressed- a myriad number of reactions to dehumanization, oppression, and white terror on a societal and global scale.

This is why I think healing work is so vital. In the face of all that is happening, and all of our valid responses, over the long-term our bodies are being conditioned to become responsive and accustomed to being on overdrive, hyperarousal, and on the defensive- thereby reinforcing patterns of trauma within the cells of our bodies, the behaviors we carry out day to day, and through our thoughts and feelings.

Healing is a process that allows us to step back and pause- over and over again. To assess where we are and where we are going. It asks fundamental questions about our individual and collective wellbeing in the face of energy that drives an imbalance tipped toward hate, fear, greed, exploitation and abuse. Part of our job in resisting this energy is to re-balance and replenish our personal and collective contexts by asking ourselves what we can do differently, to replace that which is offered to us and create something entirely different. In spite of. In protection of what values and beliefs we hold dear as people who long for a different world.

We do have resources to help us. We have our breath, we have our collective rage, we have our values, we have our tender hearts to bring to the table. We also have the universe in its infinite forms to support us while we do the work within ourselves and within our communities to create the changes we desperately need for all of humanity and the earth. But this is a slower, more intentional work. Needed work alongside urgency and action.

It is with sorrow, tender rage, and love that I share with you that Cazimi Healing is open to the community for providing support, herbal remedies, skillshares and more to aid and support folks working so hard to help birth a different world into existence. Please come visit me on social media: on Facebook , on Instagram and my Websiteto keep in touch. Please share with folks you know who want or need support from earth-based, spirit led practices, values and approaches to healing. Sliding scale and Community sessions available. <3