“Community Roots” Sustainer Program

I invite you to be a part of our Second Annual fundraising drive! To stay true to my mission of providing accessible healthcare, healing services and herbal medicines to low-income: LGBTQ+ people, people of color and survivors of sexual +/or intimate partner violence, I need your help.
Give the Gift of Healing. Become a Monthly Sustainer

The Community Roots Sustainer Program is a constellation of supportive community members all working together to keep holistic health + healing accessible in the Triangle. Like the roots of a plant, that which is essential for life, your Gift provides the foundation of deep healing for so many. Thank you.

The History

In 2018, I provided FREE services including reiki, coaching, herbal medicine consultations and herbs, without getting paid for my time/ energy/resources, to people who really needed it. I did it because I believe healthcare is a right; I am passionate about making sure people have access to holistic healthcare and opportunities for healing. But surviving in capitalism as a conscious business owner is hard! I couldn’t keep offering my time & services without compensation. Last year, I started the Community Roots Scholarship Fund and raised half of my goal: $2,621. Enough to offer healing services + herbal medicines to 6 deserving people! (see below for details on what a scholarship recipient receives). In 2020 I hope to double the funds raised last year!

The Ask

A Community-Resourced Healing Program is the Answer!

Did you Know: Providing one free appointment per week plus herbal medicines costs roughly $4800 per year!!!

This is where you come in! Do you want to support providing access to healing and holistic healthcare to people who usually don’t have access to it? Do you want to help connect people to plants? To their own inner wisdom? Do you want to support me and my business and my livelihood? The good news is you can help by becoming a monthly sustainer for the Community Roots Program! Every dollar matters!


Will you help me reach my goal of doubling scholarship funds in 2020 and serving more people in the community?

When you become a monthly sustainer OR make a one-time donation of $25 or more, you have the option to receive a product of your choice from my online store as a thank you gift!     

What will I do if I exceed my goal?

Offer more free appointment slots!!

Become a Sustainer

The Program

Clients in the “Community Roots” program receive:

  • 4 no-cost appointments discussing goals for healing & receiving healing services such as: reiki, guided meditation, coaching and more
  • Custom blended herbal medicines
  • My time in researching, responding to emails and questions 
  • Access to any classes I teach while we are working together at no cost

“Community Roots” Scholarship Program Facts:

  • I currently offer one free appointment per week
  • The cost of one appointment is ~ $100
  • I serve one scholarship recipient per month (4 appointments)
  • This amounts to serving 12 clients per year

That’s 12 people who might not have insurance or access to affordable healthcare. 12 people who might be dealing with a chronic health condition with little to no support or resources. 12 people who are curious or interested in alternative medicine but aren’t able to spend their limited resources exploring possibilities.

See how access to free holistic healthcare & healing has impacted some of my clients from the past year

“When I found out I had cancer I was very afraid, I wanted to incorporate both conventional and holistic medicine to aid in my healing process. Unfortunately, like most of us, I didn’t have insurance. A friend suggested that I contact Ricky, because she was an herbalist. I didn’t know how I was going to fund my holistic health journey, but Ricky let me know that I qualified for her scholarship program. Not only did Cazimi Healing provide healing herbal teas but Ricky took the time to also assess my mental, physical, and spiritual health. This scholarship that Ricky offers was the best part of my healing journey and I am forever grateful."

-Chass, Durham, NC

“As someone who has long been wearied by dismissive, exclusionary, and often careless Western medicine practices, I found Ricky's services as an herbalist to be a light in the darkness. Because of the scholarship program I was given access not just to powerful herbal medicines, but to knowledge and wisdom which has continued to guide me in transforming my emotional, physical, and spiritual health.”

-D.V., Durham, NC

"Having access to free holistic healthcare has been very beneficial for me. I am a recent college grad and can not afford coaching or healthcare for that matter. Ricky’s vision to provide a scholarship to receive free holistic healthcare has truly been a blessing to me. I wouldn’t have had access to receive help if not for her and her scholarship."

-Theashionna Owens, Durham, NC

“I suffer from chronic inflammation as well as PTSD. During some of the most difficult months of my life health-wise I was able to see Ricky and get a jumpstart on receiving the holistic care I needed. This was fundamental for me in my process of healing and was only possible because of the scholarship program. I really hope scholarships are able to continue as I believe low/no cost holistic healthcare to be a game changer for many of us."

- Erin, Durham, NC

Not able to commit to a monthly donation? Here’s how you can still help:

Become a client or customer

Give a one-time donation

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