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Wonderful introduction to herbal medicine! Learned a lot and very fun!

This class was completely amazing!

"Ricky is super-duper knowledgeable about herbs and anatomy & physiology as well. Great balance! I would 127% recommend this class!"

A perfect balance of body-science and woo-woo.

I love the mix of practical knowledge and scientific information.

"I love the focus on social justice and how important that aspect is. You have a great balance of topics, all interesting and useful. I kept thinking about the material all week and looking forward to class each time!"

Wonderful class!

"I appreciated the truly holistic approach you took in the multi-faceted parts of health, like spiritual health. Your coverage of the body systems was new and valuable information. Funny and entertaining too!"

Wonderful class and so glad I took it!

"I learned so much and loved your approach and perspective. Loved the balance of hands-on, take-home activities, science lessons, and thoughtful/introspective/intuitive time."