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Energy work is a natural and vital element to healing. I work with reiki, crystals & flower essences to facilitate the healing process by repairing, re-balancing, and clearing blocks in your energy fields so that we can access more of your inner vitality. Feel noticeably better, increase your energy levels, and shift your approach to life’s everyday challenges.

Energy healing involves working beyond the physical body. This is important because trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress, environmental stress, and other blocks to our personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full capacity. This in turn impacts our relationship with our Selves, people we care about, and our social movements.


Reiki is a Japanese-based system of energy healing that means universal or spiritual life-force. Because Reiki works on an energetic level to enable balance as well as spiritual focus and clarity, it can be a very useful tool for personal and spiritual growth. In the system of Reiki healing, the practitioner channels universal life-force energy and passes it to the client using non-invasive hand positions over certain key areas of the body. Reiki can be received “hands off” and is the method of Reiki that I practice.

Reiki treatments are typically given with the client lying on a comfortable table, fully clothed. If needed or preferred, the treatment can be given while seated in a chair. Reiki treatments may combine flower essences taken internally just before a session, the use of crystals and stones laid physically on the body, aromatherapy and/or sound healing. Typically, I will ask what you envision or hope for, and to visualize your specific goals during the session. The goal would ideally be communicated (but not required) to me so we can both put our full intention toward the healing goals for the session.


Crystals, gemstones, and minerals are all vibrational earth medicines. Ancient Egyptians are among the first people to have utilized crystals and stones as an intrinsic part of their spiritual and medicinal purifications and healing. They are also among the first to wear healing crystals for protection and to ward of negativity and adorn and protect their dead. Other Ancient cultures such as Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Japanese all used crystals for healing purposes.

Crystals, gemstones and minerals are also widely used in the present day by a variety of healers. Stones are used to amplify other healing modalities or to offer healing from their own innate beauty and wisdom. Crystals can also be placed around the home or worn as a form of healing and protection.

Clients can request a crystal healing session to charge and rebalance your energy fields or I may suggest it as part of an integrated protocol. Crystal healing treatments are typically given with the client lying on a comfortable table, fully clothed. I will places stones and crystals directly on your body. Reiki, aromatherapy, flower essences, or sound healing may also be part of the energy healing session.

I also make crystal & gem essences and often incorporate them into custom herbal medicine formulas for established clients. Gem essences are safe to take with medications or existing health conditions.

Check out the Apothecary for gem essences and formulas that contain gem essences!

Flower Essences

Flower Essences are vibrational plant medicine. The “essence” of the flower and the plant is infused into the medicine by placing the flowers in a clear glass bowl of water in the sun. The water is then strained and preserved with brandy and the flowers composted. Flower essences are safe to take with medications or existing health conditions.

This subtle plant energy is excellent for working with stuck emotions and feelings in the body and energy field. It is also great medicine for those sensitive to various substances. In some cases, flower essences may heighten negative or difficult emotions as we move through and/or transform them.

Clients can specifically request a flower essence consultation, or I may suggest it to a client as part of an integrated protocol.

Check out the Apothecary for flower essences and formulas that contain flower essences!

After Your Energy Healing Session

You should leave your session feeling more relaxed, grounded and clear, however, it is possible to experience minor disorientation or slight fatigue right after the session. You may find it helpful to journal or express creatively soon after your treatment to further discharge any loosened emotional debris. It’s important to drink lots of water after your session to help with the integration of the energy work we just enacted—think of it as an additional cleansing.

To fully experience the benefits of energy healing with reiki, crystal healing, or flower essences I recommend scheduling at least three sessions, depending on your health concerns.

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