Engaging our subconscious in the healing process
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Hypnotherapy is similar to guided meditation in that you become very relaxed in a peaceful safe environment, but there are specific methods to help the body relax into a deeper state than meditation. This state is called the trance state. It is most commonly compared to the in-between state when we are falling asleep/waking up or when we are doing a monotonous task and drifting “off” such as watching tv or mowing the lawn.

Entering into a trance states helps us deeply relax but it also allows us to connect to the subconscious mind. In our daily activities we operate from our conscious mind. In Hypnotherapy, we are connecting to the subconscious mind and the practitioner suggests to the subconscious mind new ways of thinking, doing or being. In this way, we are able to reprogram the subconscious mind and shift old habits and beliefs. This is why some people see an immediate result in only one session, though most people need at least three sessions to see a shift. Hypnosis is most commonly used for physical pain, smoking cessation, weight management and body positivity, and mental and emotional health issues.

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