Intuition, Ancestors & Spirit

Tap into ancestral lineage for support and trust your inner knowing
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One of my most important tools I use is in my healing work is my own intuition. There may be times when I get a sense of a plant that might be of specific help to you more than another with no explanation except that it feels right. I’m also in relationship with my ancestors and spirit guides when I’m in session with clients, asking for blessings and guidance on behalf of the highest good of all.

In addition, I work to help my clients connect to and deepen their own innate knowing and intuitive skills. This may include ancestor connection work or connection to nature and/or spirit in general depending on the interest and needs of the client.

Intuition is a way to connect to our inner knowing and at the same time to spirit. It’s incredible how it works like that! I value this type of knowledge in my work and for healing and for these reasons I choose to include it as a major aspect in my approach to healing and working with others.  

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