Nutrition & Meal Planning

Nutrition Goals that Leave You Feeling Nourished and Clear-Headed
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Most of us know the basics of a healthy diet—lots of veggies and fruit, whole grains, less meat, and lots of water. But most of us don’t follow this for a variety of reasons. I can help you look at your current food (and life) patterns to help guide you toward nutrition goals that will leave you feeling nourished and more clear-headed.

Shifting a few key food habits can really benefit our energy levels, clarity and sense of well-being. I’m happy to help you identify and implement feasible changes in your daily food routine.

In addition to helping your shift your relationship with food, I offer customized meal plans and shopping lists—let me do the heavy lifting so you can ease into your new routine.

I can also leverage energy healing and hypnotherapy to help you explore any potential underlying emotional connections with food that might be inhibiting your success.

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