When we work together, my goal is to support YOU- in whatever ways you need, in whatever ways you are ready for. I hold space to unearth root causes, explore possibilities and dream big, yet also provide accountability, realistic goal setting, and tangible practices to help you thrive.
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Balance looks different for everyone: our work together helps you re-align with what feels good and authentic to you in your daily life and equip you with tools, practices & resources to successfully navigate life’s ebbs and flows.

Wellness is a practice. My hope for you is that you will redefine the way you show up: for yourself and for your community. That you will begin to shift your intention toward listening to yourself more deeply, understanding the messages that your physical body and emotions are trying to tell you. To re-connect to your own inner knowing and innate wisdom. To answer the questions: What’s been holding you back? Where are you ready to make a change? What do you need to be successful? Nearly every healing journey involves these important elements, bringing us closer to who we truly are. I will always provide a nonjudgmental and open-hearted healing space to explore what’s possible for you.

Together, we will develop a customized and personalized plan of care that might include:

rituals, hand-crafted plant medicines, practices for self-reflection, energy healing or whole foods nutrition.

Free 20 Minute Phone Consult

I understand making the commitment to invest in your health and wellness involves resources and time. Schedule a complimentary phone session with me to make sure we are a good fit for working together!

Herbal Medicine

Receive an in depth 60 minute session to support an acute health concern. All herbal medicine sessions include nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Cost of custom-made herbal medicine & essences is separate.

Single Session: $75
Additional Follow-Ups: $30

Energy Healing

Combine the beauty and art of reiki, flower essences and crystal healing into a healing session designed to work with the subtle energy systems of the body. Often thought to be where dis-ease originates before it makes its way to the physical body, energy healing is a beautiful approach to preventing major physical health concerns, maintain wellness and also to alleviate existing health conditions, especially ones that seem to have no obvious cause. Each session includes reiki, flower essences to take during the session, and on the body crystal healing. Cost of custom-made essence formulas is separate.
Single Session: $75
Package of 3 Sessions: $200
Package of 6 Sessions: $400

Spiritual Coaching

These sessions are a great place to start to address a long-term issue with healing tools beyond herbal medicine. It generally takes an average of three sessions to fully address, release and resolve the issues the client has come for support around. Here you will have access to any of the healing tools I use ranging from herbal medicine, to energy healing, to spiritual coaching, to guided meditation and more. Services depend on the needs and interests of the client. Sessions are 60 minutes each and will focus on providing longer-term guidance and support.

Monthly Healing Session Membership

Receive a monthly healing session for whatever is on your mind, of concern, or of interest. This option is a great opportunity to receive care for whatever is coming up for you that month, go deep on a specific issue, or try out different healing modalities and find the ones that resonate most for you! Rest easy knowing you have ongoing, consistent and reliable support and access to healing.
Monthly Healing Session members receive 10% off all classes and custom herbal formulas. Commit and keep your credit card on file for ease and convenience of automatic monthly payments. Cancel at anytime.
$60 per month – plus 10% off all classes & custom herbal formulas!

Community Roots Scholarship

In the spirit of my commitment to provide affordable and accessible healthcare and healing, I am excited to offer a community healing scholarship program.
The program provides:

  • One coaching/healing session per week (4 sessions total)
  • Custom herbs if applicable
  • Free entry to any classes I offer during your time in the program
  • Discounts on future appointments, classes and herbs

The program is open to low income LGBTQ+ identified people and people of color who would not normally be able to afford my rates. I currently have space for one scholarship appointment per week. If interested, please apply below and answer a very brief questionnaire about why this option is right for you and some of your goals for your wellness and healing. If you apply and spaces are filled, I will place you on a waitlist to be notified when a space becomes available.

Support our Community Roots Scholarship Program

Become a Sustainer!

Cancellation Policy:
I have a 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. I respectfully request full payment for missed appointments or late cancellations.

Forms of Payment:
Credit Card (Online via paypal. In person coming soon)
Trade: I accept barter and/or trade as a form of payment (or a combination of money and trade), but this will need to be negotiated and agreed upon before any appointment is made. I am especially interested in trade for bodywork, energy healing, honey, tax services, general website/tech stuff, printing & copying services, art & pottery, home-grown veggies, and am open to suggestions. Please contact me if you are interested in trade as a form of payment or if you need to access my services at a sliding scale rate.

Expect that I will bring to each session:
*Active Listening to you and to my own intuition to create space for what needs to rise to the surface
*A judgement-free zone where you can express your truth and experiences freely
*Acknowledgement of my own privileges and the complexities of our identities, experiences, histories, and the present moment during each session
*Awareness that each exchange is mutually beneficial and healing, including for our ancestral lineage past & future
*The intention to hold space for Self-determination where you, the client, ultimately decide when and where healing begins


Appointments for services take place in person at Radical Healing in Durham, NC, or by phone or Skype/Google hangout. Home visits may be arranged on a case-by-case basis.