You deserve a healthcare experience where you are fully seen, heard and cared for. When we work together, my goal is to support YOU- in whatever ways you need and whatever ways you are ready for- without judgement. I hold space for you to unearth root causes, explore possibilities and dream big, yet also provide accountability, realistic goal setting, and tangible practices to help you thrive.

Our sessions together combine practical guidance and recommendations with health coaching designed to shift your intention toward listening to yourself more deeply.

It’s not enough to just feel “fine”. You deserve to feel your best.

Wellness is a practice.

Are you ready to answer the questions:

What’s been holding you back?

Where are you ready to make a change?

                               What do you need to be successful?                               

Nearly every healing journey involves reflective questions like these, bringing us closer to who we truly are and what is needed along our path to wellness. I will always provide a nonjudgmental and open-hearted healing space to explore what’s possible for you.

Together, we will develop a customized and personalized plan of care that might include:

rituals, hand-crafted plant medicines, practices for self-reflection, energy healing, whole foods nutrition.

 Our work together helps you re-align with what feels good and authentic to you in your daily life and equips you with tools & practices to resource yourself in service of optimal health + wellness.

Free 20 Minute Phone Consult

I understand making the commitment to invest in your health and wellness involves resources and time. Schedule a complimentary phone session with me to make sure we are a good fit for working together!

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With plants as our foundation, and in consultation with your needs, an appointment may include any of the following approaches or techniques: energy healing, coaching, EFT, nutrition planning, mindfulness, working with intuition, practices for self-care, lifestyle recommendations, ways to connect to spirit and/or ancestors for support. Please visit my Healing Tools page to learn more about these approaches/techniques. Packages available, please inquire. New clients will receive an intake form via email to complete before our first appointment.

Initial Appointment: $125 {cost of custom-formulated herbal medicines separate}                                  Follow-up Appointments: $85 {cost of herbs separate}

 sliding scale available- scroll down for more info! 

Need a sliding scale appointment?

6-Session Functional Medicine Package

I am now taking a limited number of clients looking to address any of the following health concerns:

  • chronic stress
  • adrenal fatigue
  • thyroid
  • digestion
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • inflammation
  • sleep

It takes dedicated time and support to address the root causes of chronic health conditions. Invest in your health & wellness! Feel better, have more energy and stabilize mood all without the use of drugs. Experience the power of healing through plants, food as medicine and energy healing through a Functional Medicine Lens.

Local + Distance clients welcome!

6 sessions Sliding Scale $550- $875*

Sessions are booked every two weeks (2 appointments per month for 3 months). Clients receive educational sessions on Herbs, Flower Essences, Energy Healing, Stress Management, Digestive Health, Liver Health. Sessions all include energy healing, coaching and Q&A.

Schedule using the form above.

*Payment plans available. Does not include the cost of custom herbal formulas. 

Community Roots Scholarship

In the spirit of my commitment to provide affordable and accessible healthcare and healing, I am excited to offer a community healing scholarship program.
The program provides:

  • One coaching/healing session per week (4 sessions total)
  • Custom herbs if applicable
  • Free entry to any classes I offer during your time in the program
  • Discounts on future appointments, classes and herbs

The program is open to under-resourced LGBTQ+ identified people, BIPOC and Survivors of Sexual and/or Intimate Partner Violence based in the Southeast who would not normally be able to afford my rates. I currently have space for one scholarship appointment per week. If interested, please apply below and answer a very brief questionnaire about why this option is right for you and some of your goals for your wellness and healing. If you apply and spaces are filled, I will place you on a waitlist to be notified when a space becomes available.

Support our Community Roots Scholarship Program

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the foundation of all appointments. Our bodies recognize and respond to plants on a cellular level, especially ancestral plants, and help guide the body to remember and strengthen its functions. Herbs work on the physiological, emotional and spiritual levels. Custom herb formulas typically include flower essences (which work primarily on the spiritual and emotional levels). Prices include additional time for research and follow-up.

Energy Healing

Often thought to be where dis-ease originates before it manifests in the physical body, energy healing is an important approach to preventing major physical health concerns, maintain wellness and also to alleviate existing health conditions, especially ones that seem to have no obvious cause. An appointment may include reiki if desired by the client. Appointments for reiki-only are also welcomed.

Spiritual Coaching

Transformational Presence Coaching utilizes visualization, tapping into inner knowing, and somatic experiencing to help clients build and expand their capacity for self-awareness, understanding and positive action in their lives. The coach holds the space, asks reflective questions and facilitates activities to help move the client forward toward insights and realizations. This method of coaching helps clients show up to their lives, and to life’s challenges, in fresh, effective ways.  

Cancellation Policy:
I have a 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. I respectfully request full payment for missed appointments or late cancellations.

Forms of Payment:
Credit Card (via  square, venmo or paypal)                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sliding Scale: I offer a sliding scale rate starting at $45 for those who can’t access my regular rate of $125. Sliding scale is a variable fee for services and is self-determined by the client based on ability to pay. Consider your income, expenses, access to “help” and additional resources, and other factors that might affect your ability to pay when assessing how much you can afford. I also recognize that at some points you may be able to pay more and at other times less. If the sliding scale is still not affordable to you, please check out the Community Roots Scholarship program above. Please note the cost of herbs is not included in the sliding scale rate, but averages about $10-$20.
Trade: I accept barter and/or trade as a form of payment (or a combination of money and trade), but this will need to be negotiated and agreed upon before any appointment is made. I am especially interested in trade for bodywork, energy healing, honey, tax services, general website/tech stuff, printing & copying services, art & pottery, home-grown veggies, healing arts services, and am open to suggestions. Please contact me at the form above if you are interested in trade as a form of payment.

Expect that I will bring to each session:
*Active Listening to you and to my own intuition to create space for what needs to rise to the surface
*A judgement-free zone where you can express your truth and experiences freely
*Acknowledgement of my own privileges and the complexities of our identities, experiences, histories, and the present moment during each session
*Awareness that each exchange is mutually beneficial and healing, including for our ancestral lineage past & future
*The intention to hold space for Self-determination where you, the client, ultimately decide when and where healing begins

Appointments for services take place in person at my home office in Greensboro, NC or virtually for those outside of the Triad. Home visits may be arranged on a case-by-case basis.